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“Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Relaxing can bring relief to much of what ails you. In our stressful and often negative world, your decision to make relaxing a priority will help you navigate, handle, and minimize stress”

Hot Stone Massage

Stone massage uses soothing oils, warm and sometimes cold stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage.
This direct heat relaxes your muscles, which means that the massage itself is more effective and intense than it would be otherwise. The size of the stones varies, according to which part of the body your therapist is treating.
What is hot stone massage good for?
What to expect from hot stone massage?
It is generally accepted that alternating treatments of warmth and cold are beneficial, and help to soothe an aching body.
The combination of relaxing warmth and refreshing coolness is thought to encourage the body to detox and heal, increasing lymph flow and helping to flush out waste. With the addition of heat, your body becomes relaxed in a much shorter space of time.
The stones are coated in fragrant oil to increase your sense of relaxation and calm. Oil is smoothed gently onto your body, and each stone in turn is worked by your therapist’s hands.
Hot stone massage can:
– boost your circulation
– release stored tension
– recharge your energy levels
– relax you.
Hot stone massage is said to have health benefits for people with:
– muscular pain
– poor circulation
– rheumatic and arthritic conditions
– fibromyalgia
– back pain
– stress
– insomnia
– depression
– period pain
– migraine
Before your treatment begins, please tell therapist about any medical conditions you have or think you might be, pregnant.

Hot stone massage -contraindications
-infectious disease
-cardiological diseases (e.g. hypertension, heart defects)
-skin problems (e.g. wounds, ulcers)
-inflammation of the body (e.g. acute inflammation of joints, bones or tendons)

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Classic Massage

Get taken care of with beneficial massage for body and soul.
A big favourite and as the name implies – a real classic! This treatment soothes tired and tense muscles and is of course adjusted to your body’s needs. Classic Massage is a pleasant way to relax and gives you a chance to enjoy being nurtured.

The treatment decreases tension in your body and you get an added feeling of wellbeing. Getting regular massages counteract tiredness and pain in your neck, shoulders, back and legs. You will feel calmer, softer, more flexible and get better blood flow.

Classic massage – contraindications
-menstruation and being pregnant
-increased body temperature – exceeding 39 degrees -Celsius
-varicose veins and inflammation of the veins
-skin changes – e.g. highly scattered purulent eczema
-the presence of hematomas or the risk of bleeding

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Lymphatic, Anti-Celluline, Breaking Fat Drainage

The mechanical massager is triple action: eccentric circulat massage, pneumatic pressure and infra-red heat.
How it works?
Professional technique gives subcutaneous massages that increase figure.
Professional Lipo Modelling System that effectively fights cellulite and flaccidity.
Can be used together with anti-cellulite products for more powerful effect.

Lymphatic, Anti-Celluline, Breaking Fat Drainage -contraindications
-All kinds of cardiovascular disorders: thrombosis, heart disease, having a pacemaker.
-Inflammation of the vessels and lymph nodes

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Lipo-Laser Firming, Slimming Treatment

It uses technique to break up fat before it’s removal from the body.
This is a external liposuction uses a cold laser (in the form small and big pads) outside the patient’s body.
In time when treatment is done you will be feeling nothing.
Results can be seen soon after treatment.
Typically a 2-4cm loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved with every treatment.
How lipo laser working?
During treatments this laser is used to stimulate the body’s natural process for breaking down and releasing stored content in the fat cells.
How many treatments of lipo laser will be necessary?
It is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goals.
Usually recommended is course of 8 treatments over 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week.
How long is each lipo laser treatment?
Lipo laser treatment takes just up to 30 minutes followed by a
10-20 minutes of infrared mechanic massage. For the best results to burn off fat after every treatment recommended is workout and drink a lot water.
Why do I have to work out after lipo laser treatment?
Once the fat cells are broken down after lipo laser treatments, the contents of the fat cells need a way to exit the body. If they do not exit the body within a few hours, they get reabsorbed by other fat cells. A brief workout immediately after an lipo laser treatment ensures that the fat is excreted via the lymphatic system.
Is lipo laser safe?
Yes. Independent clinical studies have shown this treatment to be completely safe with no side effects. The lipo laser simply triggers a natural reaction of fat cell release. The process does not cause any damage and cells remain intact, just smaller, giving immediate results.

Lipo Laser – contraindications
-diabetes (with the consent of the attending physician)
-cardiovascular diseases, including thrombosis, haemophilia, blood coagulation disorders
-autoimmune diseases, including AD, allergies, itching of unknown origin

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Compresses Of Mud And Sea Algae

The Dead Sea mud treatment with algae is performed on the body, which is wrapped in foil and covered with a blanket so that the body warms up and absorbs ingredients from the mud. After 20 minutes, the therapist washes them hot with a cloth.
This Mud has the following properties:
– deeply cleanses and smoothes (supports the excretion of toxins, exfoliates dead epidermis, smoothes wrinkles)
– moisturizes and nourishes (improves the ability of cells to absorb moisturizing substances and retain them for a long time)
– stimulates the metabolism inside the skin cells (restores the skin’s vitality, tones and tightens)
– stimulates blood circulation (recommended for people with poor circulation; the skin is better supplied with blood and oxygenated, and the blood vessels are strengthened, which prevents them from bursting),
– supports weight loss (speeds up metabolism, facilitates the process of tissue drainage, accelerates fat burning)
– eliminates cellulite (moisturizes, firms, tones and smoothes the skin; prevents the formation of “orange peel”)
– reduces stretch marks (restores the skin’s proper color, firmness and elasticity)
– soothes rheumatic and arthritic pains (reduces joint and bone pain, post-traumatic pain; supports the rehabilitation process)
– supports the treatment of skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea, skin inflammation)
– relaxes muscle tension (excellent for athletes and active people)
– relaxes and unwinds (improves mood, provides complete physical and mental renewal of the body).

Compress of mud under occlusion – contraindications
-allergic irritations
-scratches and skin damage

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